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BankICO is an end-to-end trading platform for ICO token assets. Buy and sell ICO token assets before, during and after ICO events.


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BankICO is an end-to-end trading platform for digital assets. The platform allows companies to issue their tokens for raising capital or to represent rights to underlying assets. The platform also enables companies to carry out their entire token raise through a ‚Äústandardized and transparent‚ÄĚ process or compliment their current raise via token syndication.

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BankICO Limited Offerings. The better way to raise pre-sale funding and create ICO awareness.

Make a real impact on your pre-sale stage by releasing limited batches of tokens on the BankICO exchange. Raise funds and ICO awareness with ``BankICO Limited Offerings``
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Syndicate your ICO

For ICOs using the ICODashboard platform, syndicating your token sale on the BankICO platform can be done in a matter of minutes. Compliment your own marketing efforts with the BankICO platform and 120,000 token investors.
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Smart Contracts

Creating Smart Contracts and Tokenized Assets is virtually automated within the BankICO platform. Create your digital assets and trade them within our platform or use them elsewhere. Check out some of the digital asset types you can create below.
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Bounty & Token Rewards Syndication

Create & manage your bounty campaigns on ICODashboard and syndicate them on BankICO. Reward users instantly for completed bounties with a token that is liquid and trading immediately.

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Integrated with ICODashboard

BankICO was built and integrated with ICODashboard, providing ICO clients with the tools to manage their stand-alone campaigns through the self-hosted ICODash installation, while also creating pre-sale and syndication campaigns on BankICO. Transform your ICO with ICODashboard, boost it with BankICO.
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Trade any ERC20 Token from your Metamask account
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Create exclusive, limited pre-sale token offering campaigns
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Syndicate your ICODashboard powered ICO campaigns

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Funding your Trading Wallet

Easily fund your trading account and begin investing in new assets and currencies with our many payment options that we've made available.