These Terms and Considtions of Blockchain Media DOO, operating under the name BankICO (“we“, “us“, “our” or “BankICO“), is provided to you to inform you of our policies and procedures regarding the collection, use and disclosure of personal information we receive when you visit or (the “Site“), open an account on the Site or use any services offered on the Site.

BankICO provides an online service that allows users to exchange between themselves different blockchain assets, which are data that typically represents transaction, access, or other participation rights on corresponding blockchain networks (collectively, “Assets”). BankICO may make available to Users other ancillary services to facilitate the exchange of blockchain assets.

By opening an account with us and by using our services through the Site, you will be required to provide information for us to verify your identity and to verify your investor status in your jurisdiction in order to view transaction information listed on the Site that is limited to certain investor groups (“Core Services“).

By visiting the Site, opening an account or using any service you consent to the terms and practices described in this Policy. If you do not agree to this policy, please do not use this Site.

Information Collected and Database

The Site collects personal information when you register as a user, when you use any service, fill out any form, send us personal information and when you visit any page. You have a right to refuse to provide us with any information. However, refusing to provide us this information may prevent us from being able to provide you with certain services. Information submitted to us during registration or performance of other actions on the site will be recorded in our designated and secured database (the “Database“).

Information we automatically collect when you use the site and service, including but not limited to device identifiers, mobile network information, the type of browser used, IP address and other standard web log data and information collected by Cookies and similar tracking technologies;

In order to provide you with any service, we may securely access and use your personal information. We protect your personal information by maintaining physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations. We require our service providers to whom we may transfer personal information, as described below, to maintain procedural safeguards of equal potency in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations.


Before using any service on the site you must register as a user of the site, during which you may be required to supply certain information such as a unique user-name, password, contact information, including phone number, and country of origin. BankICO uses this information as a first step prior to providing you with our Core Services. This information is used to contact you or respond to your inquiries, enable you to create an account with a two-factor authentication of identity through your phone number and verifying, for your protection and our own, that it is legal in your country of origin to utilize our services.

By creating an account with BankICO (“Account”), you agree to maintain the security and confidentiality of your login credentials and restrict access to your Account and your computer, tablet, or mobile device and take legal responsibility for all activities that occur under your Account and accept all risks of unauthorized access.

Opening an Account

By accessing or using the Services, you represent and warrant that you: are of legal age and have the full capacity to form a binding contract; and have full power and authority to enter into this agreement and in doing so will not violate any other agreement to which you are a party. You also represent and warrant that you: have not previously been suspended or prohibited by BankICO; are not identified as a “Specially Designated National” by the Office of Foreign Assets Control; are not placed on the U.S. Commerce Department’s Denied Persons List; are not a resident or national of any territory or country where using our service would violate any applicable law; and are not located in, or a resident or national of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, the Crimean region, Cuba, Uganda, Vanuatu, and Yemen. You also represent and warrant that you will not be using this service for any illegal activity, including but not limited to illegal gambling, money laundering, fraud, blackmail, extortion, ransoming data or the financing of terrorism, or other violent activities.

By clicking to I agree to the BankICO User Agreement checkbox, you are deemed to agree to all the terms and conditions of this Agreement and have the legal right and full capacity to use all the services, including but not limited to checking the related information of the services, placing orders, making trading activities rationally, and agree to take all the risks.

You shall not use the site or any services to disrupt trading order of BankICO or for illegal activities. You shall provide accurate, current and complete information and shall not falsify or materially omit any information or provide misleading information to BankICO, including but not limited to using phone number or email address borrowed or stolen. You shall not use the site or Service to make fake trading or cheat in trading. BankICO reserve the rights to address such behaviors through an appropriate sanction, in its sole and absolute discretion, including without limitation to cancelling the trading eligibility and illegal earnings, suspending service and blocking the account. In the case your behaviors cause loss to BankICO, BankICO reserves the rights to claim damages and take legal action against you.

Know Your Customer (KYC)

BankICO may, in its discretion, require you going through identity verification and other screening procedures to protect itself from involvement in any money laundering or other criminal activities. You may be required to provide certain personal information, including but not limited to, your name, address, phone number, photographic proof of your identity, and information regarding your source of fund. You agree and authorize BankICO to require information from you directly or through a third party and you understand and agree BankICO has right to not permit any deposits, trades and withdrawals until proof satisfactory to BankICO in its sole discretion is received and reviewed.

We collect this information in order to meet regulatory and legal requirements that we, issuers listing on our site and broker dealers that are placing transactions that are posted on our site are subject to. The KYC information BankICO collects from you are used in order to verify your identity and investor status (such as being an accredited investor) so that we can offer you our Core Services.

As part of the vetting process, in certain cases we will transfer the KYC information that you provide us to third parties (“ID Verification Partners “). If any personal identifiable information is to be shared with a third party, we will notify you at the time of collection.

User Obligations

By opening an account with BankICO, you agree to the following:

  1. That you will create a strong password that you do not use for any other website or online service and enable two factor authentication as a further protection.
  2. That you will maintain the security of your BankICO account by protecting your login credentials and restricting access to your account.
  3. That you take responsibility for all activities that occur under your account and accept all risks of any authorized or unauthorized access to your account.
  4. You may make comment on the product or service provided by BankICO and make modification or deletion within proper ranges, but should not use the site to threat national security, leak national secret, infringe on the legitimate rights of other individuals or social community or nation and for other illegal activities; you shall not use the site to propagate information violating policies, laws and regulations and social norms.
  5. You should not create BankICO account for malicious purpose, including but not limited to creating several accounts for hyping, profit making or receiving awards. You should not use another user’ account. In the case BankICO detect the above mentioned activities, BankICO may take necessary actions in our sole discretion, including but not limited to, deleting the contents you posted, canceling your rewards, privilege or assets on BankICO, suspending or terminating your account, even taking legal proceedings against you
  6. You should not use BankICO as arena, platform or media for any unauthorized or illegal activities. You should not use the name of BankICO to participate in any commercial activity or use BankICO as arena, platform or media for commercial purpose, without our prior authorization or permission. In the case BankICO detect the above mentioned activities, BankICO may take necessary actions in our sole discretion, including but not limited to, deleting the contents you posted, canceling your rewards, privilege or assets on BankICO, suspending or terminating your account, even taking legal proceedings against you.
  7. Any information posted on BankICO by you in any form shall conform to good practice of social norms and shall not violate laws and regulation and terms and rules on BankICO or harm or negatively affect the legitimate rights and interest of others. You shall take full responsibilities and liabilities for all the circumstances for your behaviors for posting such information and BankICO reserves the rights to claim damages against you.

Information Collected from Third Party Sources

Public Databases & ID Verification Partners: We obtain information about you from public databases and ID Verification Partners for purposes of verifying your identity. ID Verification Partners use a combination of government records and publicly available information about you to verify your identity. Such information may include your name, address, status on any sanctions lists maintained by public authorities, and other relevant data. We do so on the basis of a legitimate interest we have in verifying the identity of our clients in order to provide services to them in compliance with applicable law.

Your personal identifiable information will be shared third party identity and accreditation verifiers as you will be notified at the time of collection. In addition, upon your indicating interest or participating in an offering listed on our site, your information will be shared with the issuer and broker dealer placing the transaction, if applicable. The identity of the issuer and the broker dealer who will receive your personal information will be listed in the transaction documents.

How We Use The Information That Is Collected

Our primary purpose in collecting personal information is to provide you with Core Services and personalize the experience offered by BankICO. This information is processed to satisfy our legitimate interests of ensuring compliance with applicable laws and improving, optimizing and personalizing our services. This information will be used as follows:

Determine whether you are eligible to view certain restricted informationWe process your personal information in order to categorize your investor status and location, in order to determine whether you may view information posted on our website that is restricted to certain classes of qualified investors based in certain locations.Depending on your country of residence, you may not be able to use all the function on this site. It is your responsibility to follow those rules and laws in your country of residence and/or country from which you access this site and services.

Provide customer serviceWe may process any information regarding your account in order to provide you with customer service tailored to your needs and your past interactions with our site.

Provide relevant information to youWe process your personal information in order to present to you issuers that their transactions are open to users of your accreditation status or open to users of your country of residence as part of our Core Services. This includes sharing certain information with our affiliates, issuers or service providers.

Provide your information to an issuer and to a broker dealer placing any transaction posted on our siteAs part of our Core Services, we may provide your personal information to an issuer you have expressed interest in or to a broker dealer placing a transaction you have expressed interest in investing in. We share this information to prevent unnecessary interaction and multiple documentation requests, unless otherwise required, as part of the services you contracted from BankICO by opening an account with us. You may close your account at any time if you do not wish to have your personal information processed for such purposes.

Enhance your website experience.  We process your personal information to provide a personalized experience, and implement the preferences you request. Without such processing, we may not be able to ensure your continued enjoyment of personalization of our Core Services.We process your personal information when you contact us to resolve any questions, disputes, or to troubleshoot problems. We may process your information in response to any complaint we may receive in relation to your account. Without processing your personal information for such purposes, we cannot respond to your requests and ensure your uninterrupted use of the services.

Ask for feedback.  We may contact you to ask for you satisfaction rate, inform you of technical issues and inquire about any features you would like to see in future offerings.

Engage in research and development.  We process your personal information to better understand the way you interact with us. We use this information to customize, measure, and improve our platform and services, and to develop new services. Without such processing, we cannot ensure you will be getting the best experience from our platform.

Ensure Compliance and Lower Risk.  We process your personal information through a background check and document verification service in order to ensure the security of our site, compliance requirements of issuers listed on our site and to ensure our community meets high standards of KYC measures.

To facilitate corporate acquisitions, mergers or transactions.  We may process any information regarding your account and use of our services as is necessary in the event of a sale (by merger, transfer of all or substantially all of our assets or otherwise), liquidation, bankruptcy or reorganization of our company, as required by the relevant parties engaging with us in such specific context. You have the option of closing your account if you do not wish to have your personal information processed for such purposes.

To enforce this Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service.  Because BankICO handles sensitive information through our platform, it is very important for us and our users that we are actively monitoring, investigating, preventing and mitigating any potentially prohibited or illegal activities, security breaches, and/or violations of our Terms of Service.

Why We Disclose of Information in Certain Cases.  We will use your personal information only for the purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy in order to provide our Core Services to you. From time to time we may request your permission to allow us to share your personal information with third parties other than as detailed here.

You may opt out of having your personal information shared with third parties, or allowing us to use your personal information for any purpose that is incompatible with the purposes for which we originally collected it or subsequently obtained your authorization. If you choose to so limit the use of your personal information, certain features or BankICO services may not be available to you.

Except with third parties described in this policy, we will not share your personal information with any third parties without your permission, unless we are required to make disclosures to the government, regulator, self-regulatory organization or private parties in connection with a lawsuit, subpoena, investigation, similar proceedings, or regulatory examinations or to comply with applicable laws or regulations.

We may share your information with service providers under contract who help with parts of our business operations such as bill collection, marketing, document verification, background checks and technology services. In addition, we may provide aggregate statistics about users, business conduct, and other information to third parties for commercial or other purposes, but these statistics will not include any personally identifiable information.

Links and Third Party Services Providers

We do not exercise control over others that provide information to you while using the site or our services and we do not control information posted or collected on external sites which our site may link to.

Securing the Information

The security of your personal information is very important to us. When you enter sensitive information on any of our forms, we encrypt the transmission of that information using secure socket layer technology (SSL). We follow the generally accepted standards and implement the necessary safeguards to prevent unauthorized or unlawful processing of the information collected and against accidental loss or destruction of, or damage to, or misuse or alteration of your personal data, but cannot guarantee the security of your personal information.

For example, we use computer safeguards such as firewalls and data encryption, we enforce physical access controls to our buildings and files, and we authorize access to personal information only for those employees who require it to fulfill their job responsibilities.

However, we cannot guarantee that loss, misuse, unauthorized acquisition, or alteration of your data will not occur. Please recognize that you play a vital role in protecting your own personal information. Immediately notify us if you become aware of any unauthorized access to or use of your account. We cannot ensure or warrant the security or confidentiality of information you transmit to us, since we have no way of protecting that information once it leaves and until it reaches us. If you have reason to believe that your data is no longer secure, please contact us at

International Processing or Transfer

Your information may be processed, maintained or transferred outside of your jurisdiction, where the privacy policy laws may not be as protective as those in your jurisdiction. By providing information you explicitly consent to having your personal data transferred to any jurisdictions in which we may operate. This transfer includes transfer of your information to a broker dealer that places a transaction that you participate in, transfer of your information to an issuer that you express interest in participating in their transaction and to identify verification providers.

User Rights

  1. You have the rights to choose to be or not to be a BankICO member. If you choose to be a member, you may create your account and set a preferred nickname. The nickname shall not contain any word with insulating, threatening or pornographic indication or infringing on others’ legitimate rights.
  2. You become a member of BankICO by creating an account successfully and obtain a combination of username (or email address) and password. You are solely responsible and liable for all the activities and events logged in using this combination of username (or email) and password and accepts all the risks.
  3. You have the obligation to protect your BankICO account, username and password, SMS verification code (verification code sent to your phone number in message) and TOTP code (dynamic code generated by the authentication app associated to your BankICO account, which can be set in Two Factor Authentication on BankICO page), API Key and Secret and is solely responsible for the safety of username and password, SMS code and TOTP, API key and secret. User shall take responsibility and liability for legal consequence from leaking the above mentioned information and shall not hold BankICO liable for any loss of asset due to the leakage of the information caused not by us.
  4. You can reset password via email associated to your BankICO account or SMS sent to your phone number associated to your BankICO account in the case the account was created via phone number. You shall promptly notify us if you discover or otherwise suspect any security breaches related to your BankICO account or unauthorized use of your BankICO account.
  5. BankICO will not ask for your password or ask you to deposit to address not provided on the site. You should never believe in any discounts or promotion information and send your asset to address not provided by the site. It is your responsibility to ensure you send asset to the correct address provided for that asset by us. You shall not hold BankICO liability for loss of asset by sending assets to address not provided by us.
  6. You have the right to get rewarding or privileges from BankICO by making contribution to BankICO in accordance with rules set by BankICO
  7. You have the right to modify your account information that can be modified and decide if to fill contents that is not a must.
  8. You have the right to join the BankICO community and post comments or articles without violation of rules of BankICO and laws or regulations
  9. You have the right to participate in online or offline activities organized or provided by BankICO.
  10. You have the right to enjoy related services provided by BankICO according to the related rules and terms of BankICO.


Blockchain Media DOO (doing business as BankICO) is the Controller (for the purposes of the GDPR) of your personal data. You can reach us anytime by emailing us at

Direct Marketing

You can ask us to stop sending you marketing messages or modify your email preferences at any time through any of the following methods by following the opt-out links on any marketing message sent to you or by contacting us at any time via email at

Individual Rights

EEA Residents have the following rights, which can be exercised by contacting us at

Right to withdraw consent. Where processing is based on consent, you have the right to withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal information collected at any time. Your withdrawal will not affect the lawfulness of BankICOs’ processing based on consent before your withdrawal.

Right of access to and rectification of your personal information. You have a right to request that we provide you a copy of your personal information provided by you and held by us. This information will be provided without undue delay subject to a fee associated with gathering of the information (as permitted by law), unless such provision adversely affects the rights and freedoms of others. You may also request us to rectify or update any of your personal information held by BankICO that is inaccurate. Your right to access and rectification shall only be limited where the burden or expense of providing access would be disproportionate to the risks to your privacy in the case in question, or where the rights of persons other than you would be violated.

Right to erasure.You may have the right to request erasure of your personal information subject to our retention, or retention by any broker dealer or issuer to whom we transfer your information to, as required by applicable law. We, any broker dealer and any issuer to whom we transferred your information may be required to retain certain data to meet our audit and compliance requirements.

Right to data portability. You may request to receive your personal information in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format, and to have us transfer your personal information directly to another “controller”, where technically feasible, unless exercise of this right adversely affects the rights and freedoms of others. A “controller” is a natural or legal person, public authority, agency or other body which, alone or jointly with others, determines the purposes and means of the processing of your personal information.

Right to restriction of processing.You have the right to restrict or object to us processing your personal information where one of the following applies:(a) You contest the accuracy of your personal information that we processed. In such instances, we will restrict processing during the period necessary for us to verify the accuracy of your personal information.(b) The processing is unlawful and you oppose the erasure of your personal information and request the restriction of its use instead.(c) We no longer need your personal information for the purposes of the processing, subject to our compliance with mandatory record retention under law, but it is required by you to establish, exercise or defense of legal claims.(d) You have objected to processing, pending the verification whether the legitimate grounds of BankICOs’ processing override your rights.Restricted personal information shall only be processed with your consent or for the establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims or for the protection of the rights of another natural or legal person or for reasons of important public interest. We will inform you if the restriction is lifted.

Notification of erasure, rectification and restriction. We will communicate any rectification or erasure of your personal information or restriction of processing to each recipient to whom your personal information have been disclosed, unless this proves impossible or involves disproportionate effort. We will inform you about those recipients if you request this information.

Right to object to processing. Where the processing of your personal information is based on consent, contract or legitimate interests, you may restrict or object, at any time, to the processing of your personal information as permitted by applicable law. Notwithstanding such objection, we can continue to process your personal information if it is necessary for the defense of legal claims against us, or for any other exceptions permitted by applicable law, including audit and compliance purposes.

Right to lodge a complaint. If you believe that we have infringed your rights, we encourage you to contact us first at so that we can try to resolve the issue or dispute. You can also complain about our processing of your personal information to the relevant data protection authority. You can complain in the EU member state where you live or work, or in the place where the alleged breach of data protection law has taken place.

Storage of your personal information. BankICO will try to limit the storage of your personal information to the extent that retention is necessary to serve the purpose(s) for which the personal information was processed, to resolve disputes, enforce our agreements, and as required or permitted by law.

Data Protection Officer: You may reach the Blockchain Media DOO Protection Officer at

Your rights to personal information are not absolute. Access may be denied when:

  1. Denial of access is required or authorized by law;
  2. Granting access could have a negative impact on other’s privacy or other rights;
  3. To protect our rights and properties; and
  4. Where the request is frivolous or vexatious.

Service Modification, Suspension and Termination

You can check transactions information and related materials posted on BankICO and participate in specific financial related activities provided by BankICO currently or in the future according to the Agreement and use of service rules posted.

You should use services on BankICO in accordance with the Agreement and related rules on a volunteer, fair, and honest basis; should not use the site or our services to infringe the legitimate rights and interests of others or make improper profits or disturb the normal order of online trading.

When you accept to use services of BankICO, you also agree to accept information service provided by BankICO and authorize BankICO to send commercial information to your email address, mobile phone and other communication address. You can choose to decline such information service by doing specific changes according to our instructions.

Though we strive to maintain the site to provide you sustainable, safe, stable and smooth services, there are no guarantee that the service will be no delays, failures, errors, omissions or loss of transmitted information. You understand and agree that we have the right to suspend service for system update and upgrading, new function addition, and other cases where service shall be interrupted by our judgement.

We may, in our sole discretion and without liability to you, with or without prior notice and at any time, modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, any portion of our services.

If you disagree to any of the amended terms of the Agreement or is unsatisfied with our services, you have the rights to:

  1. Stop accessing or using BankICO services
  2. Notify BankICO to terminate services for you by contacting our support. When your service is terminated, your rights to use BankICO services terminate and BankICO has no obligation to deliver information or services pending to deliver to you or third party without direct relation.

Risk Disclosure Statements

Trading blockchain assets, cryptocurrencies, initial coin offerings (ICOs), or any tokenized digital assets can be extremely risky. Trading in these markets are volatile and may shift quickly. The blockchain networks may go offline due to attack, bugs, hard forks, or other unforeseeable reasons. BankICO may experience sophisticated cyber-attacks, unexpected surges in activity, or other operational or technical difficulties that may cause service interruptions. You are solely responsible and liable for any and all trading and non-trading activity for your account on the site and fully responsible for safeguarding access to your account and any information provided through the site.

You do your own appraisal and investigations and accept the risk of trading blockchain and cryptocurrency assets. By using the site to enter into transaction, you represent that you are solely responsible for you own appraisal and investigation into the risks of the transaction and the underlying blockchain assets. You represent that you have sufficient knowledge and experience to make your own evaluation of the merits and risks. Listing of a blockchain asset does not indicate BankICO approval or disapproval of the underlying technology in related to any blockchain asset, and should not be used as a substitute for your own understanding of the risks specific to each blockchain assets. We give you no warranty as to the suitability of the blockchain assets and assume no fiduciary duty in our relations with you.

You accept all risk of sending your blockchain asset, token or cryptocurrency to an address. Blockchain asset transactions is not reversible. Once you send blockchain asset to an address, you accept the risk that you may lose access to your asset indefinitely. You are solely responsible for the address you send your blockchain asset to. If you deposit any blockchain asset to BankICO that is not listed on your deposit page, it will not be possible for us to return the assets. It is your responsibility to ensure that the address to which you are depositing is listed on your deposit page of BankICO. If you withdraw from BankICO to a third party that returns the withdrawal to the address from which it was sent, those assets will not be recoverable

BankICO does not advise on trading risk. If at any point BankICO or its representatives do provide trading recommendations or any other information, the act of doing so imposes no obligation of truth or due diligence on behalf of BankICO or its representatives.

BankICO may delist a blockchain asset at any time in its sole discretion.

BankICO may correct, reverse, or cancel any trade impacted by an error in processing your purchase or buying, or correct or reverse or cancel your deposit or withdrawal of blockchain assets or cryptocurrencies impacted by an error in processing your deposit or withdrawal.

BankICO may seize your abandoned property. If you have not logged into your account on the site for an uninterrupted period of two years, BankICO reserves the right to deem any and all property that you hold on the site, including blockchain assets, cryptocurrency or tokenized assets, to be abandoned, without notice to you. If your property is abandoned, it will be immediately forfeited to and seized by BankICO and BankICO may donate them to a nonprofit group.

Applicable Law

  1. Making, execution and interpretation of this agreement, and settlement of the disputes shall be governed by laws of The Republic of Serbia and adjudged by courts of Belgrade, Serbia.
  2. The terms and conditions of this agreement are separable. If any term or condition of this agreement is ruled invalid or unenforceable, the term or condition may be interpreted by the applicable laws, without prejudice to the continuation of the remaining terms and conditions.
  3. If there is any dispute between BankICO and user on the contents of this agreement or its execution, both parties shall try to resolve it amicably. Any party may file a lawsuit with the court in the place where BankICO is located.
  4. The agreement is the most important legal document between BankICO and user. Any other expression, whether written or oral, inconsistent with this agreement shall be subject to this agreement.
  5. BankICO reserves the rights of final interpretation of the agreement

Limitation of Liability & Waiver

BankICO is not responsible for damages caused by delay or failure to perform undertakings when the delay or failure is due to fires; strikes; floods; power outages or failures; acts of God or the state’s enemies; lawful acts of public authorities; any and all market movements, shifts, or volatility; computer, server, or Internet malfunctions; security breaches or cyberattacks; criminal acts; delays or defaults caused by common carriers; acts or omissions of third parties; or, any other delays, defaults, failures or interruptions that cannot reasonably be foreseen or provided against. In the event of force majeure, BankICO is excused from any and all performance obligations and these Services shall be fully and conclusively at an end.

As a third party in online service supplier, BankICO does not guarantee that the information and services on the site fully stratify your needs and shall not be hold liability to any error, insultation, slanders, inaction, blasphemy or pornography that you may experience during using our services.

Given the specialty of Internet, BankICO does not guarantee our service will not be interrupted and does not guarantee the timeliness, safety of services and does not take liability for damages not directly caused by BankICO.

BankICO strives to provide you with safe access to the site and services, but BankICO does not represent or guarantee the site or the servers are safe without malicious element or virus or other potential risk. You shall scan and process file or other elements downloaded from the site with industry recognized software. You should use your own judgement to distinguish the true from the false to avoid risks.

BankICO is not responsible for the failure of save, modification, deletion or storage of information posted by you. BankICO is not liable for typographical error or negligence not by intention of BankICO. You should use your own judgement to distinguish the true from the false to avoid risks.

BankICO has the right but is not obliged to correct or update unintentional omission or error.

Unless expressly agreed in written form, BankICO does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness or reliability of information (including but not limited to advertisement) you may get from, via or by links to the site or in any other methods related to the site. BankICO is not responsible for your purchase or obtaining of product, service, information or material due to such information. You shall take all the risks of using the information.

Comments or information posted by user on BankICO only stands for the opinion of the individual who posts it, which should not be taken as BankICO agree to or confirm the information or description. BankICO is not liable for the comment or information posted by users.

BankICO has rights to delete information posted on the site which violates laws and regulation or user agreement without notice.

BankICO delivers notice or message to you via announcement on webpage, email address, support phone, message via mobile phone or regular mail delivery. BankICO is not responsible for information delivered by other channels in related to prize winning, promotion or other activities or events.

BankICO has the right to adjust the fee for deposit, withdrawal and trading and other services according to market and the right to terminate the promotion at any time.

You are responsible for determining whether or which laws may apply to you, including tax law. You are solely responsible for reporting and paying any taxes arising from your use of our services.

You agree to pay BankICO any applicable fees for using our service and authorize BankICO to deduct fees from your Account. You agree and understand BankICO may revise or update Fee schedule from time to time in its sole discretion and changes to the fee schedule are effective immediately.

Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing

BankICO is committed to providing you with safe, compliant, and reputable Services. Accordingly, BankICO insists on a comprehensive and thorough customer due diligence process and implementation and ongoing analysis and reporting. This includes monitoring of and for suspicious transactions and mandatory reporting to international regulators. BankICO needs to keep certain information and documentation on file pursuant to applicable law and its contractual relationships, and BankICO hereby expressly reserves the right to keep such information and documentation. This will apply even when you terminate your relationship with BankICO or abandon your application to have an account with BankICO.

Supplementary Provisions

The rules of service or use of product, reminders on pages are integral parts of this agreement and are of equal legal effectiveness with the body of agreement. Rules of service includes but is not limited to privacy policy, anti-cheating statement, anti-money laundering policy and other trading rules

Contacting Us

Any requests for access to your information, modification or correction of your information or questions in respect of this policy should be sent to the following email address:

You accept risk of missing communication from BankICO. BankICO may post information on the site webpage or its twitter or communicate with you by email or support ticket from time to time. You understand and agree that if BankICO post information or send you information but you fail to receive it, BankICO will be deemed to have provided the information to you regardless.

We reserve the right to make changes or modifications to the Agreement, affiliated service terms, activities terms or announcement from time to time, in our sole discretion without notice. The amended terms will be deemed effective immediately upon posting. You may check back for the latest Agreement. Your continued use of this site and the services act as acceptance of such changes or modifications. If you do not agree to any amended terms, you must discontinue using or accessing our Service. By using and accessing our service, you are deemed to agree to and fully understand the Agreement and contents in other affiliated service terms, including the amended terms made by BankICO from time to time.

Date of last update: August 25, 2018